Backstage at Graduate Fashion Week

The backstage area of Graduate Fashion Week was guarded at all times by burly men in suits. My Access All Areas badge changed 3 times in the time I was in London, first consisting of a wristband, followed by a handwritten AAA on my Blogging Team badge, and finally an 'Access All Areas Graduate Fashion Week Photographer/Blogger' badge. Needless to say, this confused the security men each time I flashed my different pass, and they never really seemed sure whether to let me through as a legitimate, hired photographer - or whether to stop me from passing in case I was a crook trying to sneak by and get stealthy shots of the work of the graduates.

When I managed to get through, I mainly focused on getting photos of the makeup artists and hair stylists at work. Two of the partners/sponsors of GFW were L'Oreal and Rimmel, and the makeover teams consisted of staff from both companies who had volunteered their time for the graduates. Being the sponsor photographer, I was asked to get photos primarily of them at work to showcase their involvement in the week, as well as photos of their merchandise and signage. I think the photos I got really exhibit the professionalism and dedication of the members of both teams, and in particular the way that the work of the makeup artists complimented the work of the hair stylists - and how both tied in beautifully with the work of the designers.

The world of backstage wasn't nearly as hectic as I'd imagined, with each university perfectly organised, and hair and makeup separated into two individual dressing rooms. Everyone was wonderfully compliant with having their photo taken - especially the models, who liked to pretend the camera wasn't there whilst subtly pouting for the lens. No complaints here, though! These are my favourite photos from the bunch: