Norwich Fashion Week - The Designer's Show

Last night (Tuesday), was the Designer's Show at Norwich Fashion Week. I was really excited for this show, particularly because I know two of the designers that were exhibiting: Kate Elizabeth and Nicolas Marcs. My evening began, as before, up in the VIP area. This time, they were serving lovely little canapés and what seemed like never-ending glasses of Champagne! There were also goodie bags for all the VIPs, which had samples from the sponsors: Brasted's, and the Norwich Cosmetic Clinic

The show itself was set up in the same format as the Vintage Show, with the models walking through the crowd instead of elevated on a catwalk. Although this makes it slightly more tricky to photograph, it also means there are a lot of interesting angles I can photograph from. For a few of my images, I sneaked away from the photographer's pit and experimented with different positions. Below are my favourite images from the show (click to expand).

I also make an awesome little gif out of one of Nicolas Marcs' garments. Check it out -

The final show of Norwich Fashion Week is the Fashion Excess show. I'm really looking forward to it (I know I've said that about every show, but it's true) because it's going to feature LIVE MUSIC for the catwalk show! The venue, Open, is going to be... well... open until 1am and there will be DJs and all sorts. Basically, Fashion Excess is going to be one big fashion party! I'm planning on having a few drinks after the catwalk, so do let me know if you'll be there because I'd love to hang out.