Namaste Village

At the start of April, I was asked to photograph two events at the lovely Namaste Village restaurant in Norwich. It's a beautiful family-run Indian restaurant that's a few minutes away from my house. I've walked past it a few times and glimpsed in, and been in total awe of the architecture and decoration, so I was more than happy to shoot for them.

The first event was a family baby shower. It was unlike any event I've ever photographed before. It was loud, it was colourful, and it was busy. There was music, food, and various different things being burned in the open fire in the middle of the room. Basically, it was amazing - and a total pleasure to photograph. Here are my photos from the baby shower. 

The second event I photographed was A Musical Evening with Devdutt Joshi. For the first half of the evening, customers received an array of authentic Indian food straight to their tables. After the starters and mains had been served, Devdutt Joshi and his fantastic musicians came out to play their hindustani music which consisted of old and new bollywood songs, Qawalli, and Ghazals. The whole evening was amazing in every sense - literally! It smelled, looked, and sounded incredible.

I also got some video of the female singer accompanying Devdutt Joshi.

I really enjoyed shooting at Namaste Village and hopefully I'll be back soon for some more events! Let me know what you think of the photos and if you're planning on going to Namaste Village any time soon!