Bride: The Wedding Show at Westpoint Arena

In October, I was asked by my workplace to go along to Bride: The Wedding Show at Westpoint Arena, Exeter to take photographs and video the event. One nervous flight later and I was on the other side of the country ready to experience the two-day wedding exhibition in all its glory.

Bride: The Wedding Show at Westpoint Arena featured over 160 wedding businesses, and drew in thousands of couples looking to book suppliers for their big day. I'd previously attended smaller one-day wedding shows in Norfolk, but nothing had prepared me for the sheer magnitude of this event. There was live music, free samples, some amazing displays, and even a stunning choreographed catwalk show. 

The catwalk was my favourite part of the event - I'm a sucker for fashion shows, and the music choices and elegantly choreographed routines made this one even better. It was on six times over the two days, and I have to admit I actually went to watch it four times. I couldn't help myself! Here are the images from the catwalk:

I also captured a video of the event, which can be seen here: