Funfair Photoshoot with Hannah

It's been absolutely ages since I last updated my blog. Between wedding planning, starting a new job, and doing lots of freelance work, it's been a very busy month. Last weekend, the bank holiday weekend, I videoed a wedding on Friday, went to view my own wedding venue on Saturday, headed to London to see my family on Sunday, AND did a photoshoot on Monday! Needless to say, I was pretty tired by the end of it.

The photoshoot was with Hannah, who've I've photographed before. She runs a blog called The Mermaid Life, and got in touch because a local weigh-and-pay vintage market wanted her to write about them, so she needed some photos. Our shoot was centred around the vintage clothes she picked up from the weigh-and-pay. Because I knew she'd be wearing super colourful clothing and has awesome candy-floss hair, I thought that photographing at the Easter funfair down the road from me could be a good idea. The shoot went really well and I'm very happy with the photos. Below are just a few of them (click to expand!)

I hope you like the photos! Like I said, I've been super busy with freelance stuff so do have much more to share with you, such as a baby shower, an Indian food and music event, a wedding video, and a photoshoot with a local clothing brand. So stay tuned for more!